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The only appointment scheduling solution that understands your travel time

As an early adopter of Emma.ai I really love the platform - it is a perfect way to make sure that my real-life meetings and my virtual meetings don't awkwardly overlap. I also love the responsive team behind the scenes. As with any new tech there have been a few glitches (like Emma deciding there was no driving route and scheduling me an hour and a half to walk to my appointment lol) and the team is always *super* quick about finding and fixing the issue. I am excited to see what develops with Emma.ai over the coming years, and plan to stay a devoted and happy user!

Rebecca West
CEO, Seriously Happy Homes

Prior to using Emma.ai, every time I booked an event into my calendar, I would have to Google how long the expected travel time was and put in buffers both side. It was time consuming, frustrating, and if missed, put my whole day out. Now that I have Emma.ai on my side, I just enter the appointment, and Emma does the rest. It saves me a bunch load of time and is something that I'm constantly recommending to other consultants who are on the road a lot!

Pip Meecham
Director, ProjectBox

I like to say that I live and die by Google Calendar. Emma.ai gets my calendar from 85% accuracy to 99%, so that colleagues and friends can count on it for coordinating with me.

Katriel Friedman
EpidemicForecasting.org, Oxford University

I'm not really a big planner myself, so I do appreciate Emma.ai for telling me when I should leave to be on time. I am no longer too early or late for my meetings and I can use this free time more effectively.

Anna Chervinskaya
Yoga Instructor

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