Easily book times to deliver to your customers with our quick team scheduling tool

Emma.ai enables teams to be well-coordinated, making life easier for customers to book in times with the team for deliveries and it integrates with existing back-end systems.

Accurate travel time automatically added to team schedules

Coordinating multiple team member schedules with customer schedules can be time consuming and tedious. Emma.ai speeds this process up by adding travel time to team schedules, automatically and blocks out their time to avoid double-bookings.

Easy-to-use self-service bookings for customers

Give customers a quick and easy solution to book in time for a delivery or meeting that suits them and your team.

Use your teams' time smartly with better visibility all in one place

Emma organises travel and meetings for your whole team with a dashboard for team managers to see all team member schedules.

Coming soon: API integrated with your back-end system

Emma.ai has an API to seamlessly integrate with your existing back-end systems for scheduling appointments, CRM and calendar management.

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