How can help you when you’re working from home?

We know that for many people, working life looks a bit different than usual right now; we’ve currently hit pause on the busy morning commute and sitting in a bustling office. Whilst this is temporary for some, remote working has been on the rise as a preferred method of working for many, and is likely here to stay.

Easily set up Virtual Meetings with Meeting Pages

Thanks to applications such as Zoom and Google Meet, people are still able to communicate with colleagues and conduct meetings virtually. These applications have provided lifelines to many businesses throughout this pandemic, as it has allowed them to continue operating whilst teams are working remotely. As a result of this, many people are finding more and more of their time is spent in virtual meetings, but with increased meetings comes increased administration in terms of organising the meetings. 

Arranging a meeting with colleagues or customers can often be a timely process, involving several back and forth emails trying to ascertain a time that suits both parties. This can lead to significant amounts of time being wasted, which could be better spent elsewhere. 

With Emma’s Meeting Pages, organising meetings can be a breeze. Simply send your Meeting Pages link to the other meeting attendee, where they’ll be able to view all of your available times and select the one that works best for them too. Once they confirm the booking, the appointment will automatically be scheduled into your calendar, and Emma will add buffer time around the appointment, blocking out the total required time. This allows you to have a breather in between meetings to gather your thoughts and prepare for your next task. 

Emma’s Meeting Pages have the option to organise both virtual and physical meetings, so even in a time where people are traveling less frequently, they can still be a massive help in organising virtual meetings. Take the headache out of meeting admin and let Emma’s Meeting Pages do the hard work for you!

Utilising the Buffer Time function to avoid back-to-back meetings has the capability to add buffer time before and after scheduled meetings. In some use cases this can be to allow for traffic or delays during travelling to physical meetings, and in others they can be used to allow for tasks or meetings that take longer than planned. One use case which is particularly prevalent while many of us find ourselves working from home, is to add buffer time in between meetings to break up our schedule and avoid having meetings back-to-back. 

For example, if you have a meeting from 9am until 10am and you have added a buffer time of 15 minutes in your settings, will protect your time to ensure that meetings can only be booked from 10.15am.

We’re big advocates of online meetings, but when they are scheduled back-to-back it can leave people feeling rushed and unprepared. Allowing for even just a 5-10 minute buffer time in between meetings allows you to prepare for the meeting ahead; be that running over any agenda points you are responsible for/presenting, or familiarising yourself with the agenda and preparing any notes or questions you might want to raise. Additionally, at the end of a meeting, it allows you to gather your thoughts on the topics discussed and jot down any notes or follow up actions that you don’t want to forget. When we don’t allow for this time in between meetings, we run the risk of not fully processing the content of the discussion, or forgetting one of the takeaways, which leaves the meeting somewhat ineffective. 

It’s also really important - particularly while working from home - to allow yourself breaks in your schedule to step away from your computer screen. Wellbeing experts advise that taking short breaks during a working day can increase productivity and avoid employee burnout. 

The takeaways can help you navigate your new way of working by speeding up the process of organising virtual meetings; Emma’s Meeting Pages allow for quick and easy meeting scheduling without the need for back and forth emails. Additionally,’s buffer time function allows you time to take a breather in between tasks or meetings to ensure you can perform to your best ability while maintaining your wellbeing. 

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