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We see a future without time-wasting admin, to help people focus on what they love to do.

We created Emma after a scheduling error ruined the day.

Our founder missed an important meeting because he did not plan enough travel time into this schedule. We soon discovered that this was also a daily problem for millions of others. This made us wonder: “Isn’t there a better way to do this?” This led to the creation of Emma.

At Combine AI, the software company behind Emma, it is our goal to help others benefit from the combination of human and AI intelligence. We create products that 'automate the automatable'.

Our core values


Working intelligently to help people to focus on what they love to do


Automating and simplifying, every step of the way


Thinking in original ways to make a real, tangible difference


Taking care and ensuring trust in everything we do

"Automating the automatable" was created by Combine AI. We make innovative, relevant and intelligent products that elevate people's productivity by playing to the strengths of humans and artificial intelligence. We get a kick out of automating boring administrative tasks so people can focus on what they love to do. We're a remote-first business that is headquartered in London but our team live and work all over the world.

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