New Feature That Adds in Buffer Time Between Appointments

Last month we updated you on our new and improved version of We’ve listened to you to ensure it meets your needs, particularly in these times where we need to think about our staff and customers’ safety. One feature that has been requested is the need to pad out time in-between appointments, allowing for extra time for sanitising.

One of the users that requested and has used it said:

“This is honestly amazing. I’m so grateful that you took our need into consideration and made this part of your platform. Never have I been so impressed with customer service.”

Why should I use it?

In your Google calendar, you simply add an appointment and Emma will automatically block out the buffer time before and/or after the appointment based on your preferences. 

This can help you especially when you have customers coming to your premises to use spaces and/or equipment and you need to factor in some extra time. Other customers are also using it to make sure they have time in their schedule to prepare for their meetings so they don’t have a back-to-back day of meetings.

How do I make it work for me?

This buffer time feature around appointments is an alternative to accurate travel time and is designed for businesses that don’t need to travel but need to have padding around appointments.

1. Go to Settings and then Travel where you’ll need to change this setting from “Yes” to “No”.

2. Go to Buffer Time in Settings and change this setting from “No” to “Yes”

3. Now you can add buffer time before appointments and choose how much time you need. You can also add buffer time after appointments and choose how much time you need.

It only takes a couple of minutes to change your settings to add buffer times around appointments for when you need extra time before and/or after. Now, when you add appointments into your calendar that require travel or not, it will add buffer time.

How do you use Emma?

We’d love to hear from you in how you use Emma on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. If you have any ideas as to how to improve Emma, we’d like to hear your feedback at


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