Using AI tools to get your time back: and

Getting time back is something that productivity tools can help people achieve. In this blog post we’re exploring how this can be done in different ways with two different AI tools: and

Reclaim helps people get their time back by aiding them to organise their calendar by blocking time out, to focus on specific areas of their life. Reclaim uses AI to ensure there are no clashes and an individual can use their time in the best way. It’s integrated with Slack with pop-up notifications to act as reminders. Reclaim is currently free until January 2021 for the ‘Assistant’ package and has a free ‘LifeWork’ package.

  • Habits: Time can be put aside for activities such as meditation and writing.
  • Tasks: Focusing on the to-do list and deep concentration time to focus on projects, but flexible enough to fit around other tasks.
  • Calendar sync: Connects personal and work calendars so time is in sync as well as making personal calendar commitments private.
  • Buffer time: Adds breaks before and after meetings for prep and decompression time. For travel time it blocks out 30 minutes automatically. is a tool that takes away pesky administrative tasks that accompany travel and appointment scheduling by automating them. It integrates with Google Calendar to allow travel to be automatically added to appointments and meetings, whether you’re out seeing a customer or out playing sports at the weekend. It also has Meeting Pages, where you can create your meeting time and location preferences and share the link with others so they can book in times to meet with you, when it suits you. Emma has a 14-day free trial and the tiers of packages, starting at $5.99 per month if on an annual pricing plan.

  • Accurate travel time: Automatically adds accurate travel time directly into your calendar. 
  • Buffer time: Adds breaks in-between meetings based on your preferences and adds extra buffer time to make sure you’re on time.
  • Meeting pages: Avoid email tag with the Meeting Pages where you set your time and location preferences (which could be online meetings) share a link and meetings get put directly into your calendar by others.
  • Calendar management: Emma notifies where there is a clash to ensure you don’t get ‘double booked’.

Key Takeaways

Both are tools that integrate with your calendar to help you get the most out of your time. Either by helping you block out time to focus on specific tasks and activities or by blocking out accurate travel time and times for meetings so you’re always on time and having meetings at times that suit you. Where blocks out a blanket travel time of 30 minutes that could make you too early or too late to your events, shows you exactly how long it takes. You could use both tools together to get the best of both worlds!


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